Muong Lo Valley, Nghia Lo, Yen Bai in April sunshine
Muong Lo Valley, Nghia Lo, Yen Bai in April sunshine

Vietnam April Weather, Where to go

April is spring in northern Vietnam, dry season in the Central Region and Central Highlands, dry and hot season in South Vietnam. Understanding the weather patterns in different geographical regions of the country may help you a lot in planning a great holiday in Vietnam...

In the North of Vietnam, the weather is quite stable in April: breezy, sunny and dry. There may be a couple of spells of very weak cool wind at the beginning of the month. The wind is weak and it is only cool enough to make the air more pleasant; it does not normally get cold in April. There may be chances of short-lived torrential rains when the hot air to the west of Vietnam (foehn wind) is strong when the cool wind blows but this does not take place often.

The Northeast and lowlands of Vietnam mostly enjoy dry days and lovely temperatures, 20-34oC.

The Northwest of Vietnam has two sub-regions with slightly different weather pattern: it is cooler in Hoa Binh, Yen Bai and Lao Cai; and it is higher temperatures in Son La, Dien Bien and Lai Chau. The reason is that the latter provinces are affected by foehn wind which is dry and warm and which makes mid day air in these provinces quite warm and dry. The temperatures are from 22-35oC.

The North of the Central Region of Vietnam is dry and the temperature range is 24-33oC. There may be a few days that the foehn wind is strong and these provinces can be affected and the temperatures may get up to 35oC in southern Thanh Hoa, Nghe An and Ha Tinh. Still, it is quite pleasant in the region mostly in April.

The Central Coast of Vietnam can be divided into 2 sub-regions:
- North of the Hai Van Pass (Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue) has some hot days in April with temperatures reaching 35-38oC. These provinces are hot due to strongly influenced by the foehn wind (also called Lao Wind in Vietnam).

- South of the Hai Van Pass (Da Nang Beach, Hoi An, Quy Nhon Beach, Tuy Hoa Beach, Nha Trang Beach, Ninh Chu Beach and Mui Ne Beach) enjoys sunny weather with pleasant temperatures of 24-33oC.

The Central Highlands have sunny weather with temperatures from 20-35oC. Some day it is warm briefly at mid day and get chilly in the morning, afternoon and evening.

In South Vietnam, the provinces further inland like Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Tay Ninh experience very hot and dry weather in April. The temperatures are from 24-37oC mostly.

The provinces along the coast in South Vietnam (Vung Tau, Saigon, those in the Mekong Delta) experience hot weather in April also, but the temperatures are better than those to the west. The temperatures are mostly 26-35oC; some days it get to 36-37oC.

The Con Dao Islands and Phu Quoc Islands have lovely weather in April: sunny days with pleasant temperatures, 27-32oC.

Given the regional climate and weather patterns in Vietnam as above, those of you who do not like heat, then you may consider to skip South Vietnam and the provinces in the Central Region of Vietnam north of the Hai Van Pass (Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue).

April is the best time to go to Con Dao Islands, Phu Quoc Island and the beaches in the Central Region of Vietnam (Da Nang, Hoi An, Sa Huynh, Quy Nhon, Tuy Hoa, Doc Let, Nha Trang, Ninh Chu and Phan Thiet Mui Ne).

Taking adventures in the Central Highlands of Vietnam (Buon Ma Thuot and Da Lat) will be good most of the time.

April is the best time to travel in the North of Vietnam given the breezy sunny weather with pleasant temperatures. Trekking in Cao Bang, Ba Be National Park, Sapa or Mai Chau is lovely during this time. Mountain biking, motorcycling and adventure tours by car in Ha Giang is perfect in April, too.

If you plan for an adventure in the extreme Northwest of Vietnam (Son La, Dien Bien and Dien Bien Phu Phu, Lai Chau) be prepared for some days with quite warm temperatures (36-38oC at mid day). The sun is quite strong in this region in April, be sure you have enough protection if having to go out at mid day.

You who are going to Sapa may also like to know that April is a beautiful time for the weather. It is about the end of the long dry season meaning without rain water. Sapa was once a little mountain village then turned into a hot tourist destination and is now getting a big tourist city. In the town of Sapa is in serious lack of water in the dry season, especially at the end of the dry season – April. If you choose to stay at one of the villages in the Muong Hoa Valley, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Another factor you may like to take into account when visiting Vietnam in April is that there are two public holidays in Vietnam in April each of which may last for several days. The official holidays in April in Vietnam are 10th of the 3rd Lunar Calendar (Death Anniversary of Hung Kings), 30-April (Re-unification Day) and one holiday in May - 1-May (Larbor Day). But because of observed holidays that in fact the holidays may last several days.

When having a long holiday, the Vietnamese travel a lot. This more often than not result in places to get overcrowded, lack of tourist services and decline of service quality. In 2018, Vietnam had 15.6 million foreign visitors and 80 million Vietnamese tourists. Most Vietnamese do not travel all year round, but they make trips on public holidays! Try to put your mind at work and see how crowded popular places can be. AdventureGreen follows less-traveled routes on our adventures!