Fresh mountains at Muong Hum, Bat Xat, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Travel Agents

Our partnered travel agents are the travel agencies, tour companies and travel organizers who have  tours, travel and holiday packages in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand or Myanmar (Burma) operated by AdventureGreen. When co-operating with our travel agents in operating tours and travel services, AdventureGreen respect and use our business partner's brand exclusively.

The travel industry is like other industries that a tour operator or travel agency doesn't operate by itself but rather in a network of travel businesses specializing into different segments of the complete travel products. The partnered travel agents work with AdventureGreen on designing different tours, vacation packages, travel itineraries and promote them to the travelers. AdventureGreen is to arrange all the pertinent services.

Son Dong, Bac Giang, Vietnam
Son Dong, Bac Giang, Vietnam

 AdventureGreen is well aware that our team do need good and professional partnered travel agents. A good partnered travel agent is to find out the suitable travel products for a given traveller community, a professional travel agency is better at communicating and providing the right messages to the travelers. This way, the travelers would have the full information about our travel products and hence making the right decisions and taking the right choices; this does help us to have happy travelers from the very beginning. If the travel agent fails to provide the full information of the products, then AdventureGreen is to have unhappy clients from the start. AdventureGreen do all we could to partner with professional travel agents only.

Quang Ninh Vietnam
Quang Ninh Vietnam

From the outset, AdventureGreen operate our business based on responsible travel or sustainable tourism philosophy. We trust that working with travel agents and tour companies that share the similar values could benefit us all in the long terms.

In our understanding, a responsible travel agent is firstly a customer-driven tour company. AdventureGreen do need partnered travel agents who work closely with us in understanding our clients' travel interests and providing the suitable travel products. Our partnered travel agencies are to provide the full information of the tentative trips, to make the suitable recommendations on preparations before the trip... Should there be circumstances that problems arise, then AdventureGreen would need our travel agents to work closely with us to provide the best solutions. After each trip, our travel agents are to check with our travelers for the precious feedback, so that we could provide better and better services to the coming guests.

Quang Ninh VietnamQuang Ninh Vietnam

Secondly, a responsible travel agent is to respect the local culture and the natural environment in their business operations and in the regions where our trips are operated. Having good knowledge of environmental protection and of the local culture are definitely needed from our travel agents. Also, our partners would help to educate our travelers on respecting local culture as well as protecting the local the environments while traveling through destinations or touring tourist attractions.

Hanoi VietnamThe The Huc Bridge in Hanoi Vietnam

Thirdly, a responsible travel agent is to respect AdventureGreen, our travel staff and our local service providers. Everyone in our network should deserve decent profits or wages defined by local standards, so that we could maintain the service quality in the long terms.

Under no circumstances, should AdventureGreen allow ourselves, our staff or our local service providers to overcharge our partnered travel agents and our travelers. No one in our network is allowed to hassle our travelers like demanding extra monies, tips... during or after the trip. We trust responsible travel benefits everyone involved including the travel agents, the tour operators, the hotels/resorts, the home owners, the local travel staff, the long terms.