Rice terraces on a trek at Thong Nguyen, Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang, VietnamEmbark on AdventureGreen's hiking holidays and trekking tours, you will travel through captivating mountains in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar which are home to many ethnic minorities with untouched cultures. Most trips require hard exertion for the 5-8 hours' trekking per day. The accommodation on these trips is often homestay with local ethnic families of which the conditions may be rustic and much poorer than your expectations.

  •  “After the rain, the sun shines again” goes as a Vietnamese saying. It had been a few days in Hanoi with cloudy sky and summer rain, and the weather forecast said there would be a spell of heat in the coming week. It had been ages since my last holiday and it was just the right time to do it now.

  • Visited places: Hanoi, Bac Ha
    Tour Activity/Theme: Adventure, Trekking, Homestay, Off the beaten track

    Bac Ha Trekking Holiday is a hard adventure tour for 6 days, 5 nights by AdventureGreen. The trek is off-the-tourist track in the Plateau of Bac Ha with average elevation above 900m.

  • Visited places: Hanoi, Lang Son, Cao Bang
    Tour Activity/Theme: Adventure, Trekking, Homestay, Off the beaten track

    Cao Bang trekking tour is a hard trekking adventure for 6 days 5 nights with off-the-beaten path itinerary. The province of Cao Bang is in the North-East of Vietnam, 300km from Hanoi.

  • Lao Than Mountain is located in Y Ty Commune, Bat Xat, Lao Cai. The mountain is over 2,800m above sea level. I had read a few articles about the high mountains in the area and got plans for climbing them some time later, but I didn't plan to climb Lao Than on this trip which was meant to have been for a relaxing holiday in the cool climate of Y Ty. I was trying to escape the heat in Hanoi which increased from 20-25 Degrees Celsius to over 40 Degrees Celsius in a couple of days!!!

  • Great Adventure of Laos and Cambodia is a hard adventure tour of Laos and Cambodia in 21 days, 20 nights. The adventure holiday follows an off-the-tourist-track travel itinerary starting in northern Laos, to southern Laos crossing the land border into Cambodia. On the trip, we visit the must-see tourist attractions of Laos and Cambodia such as Luang Prabang and the Angkor Temples; we also travel through the less visited destinations such as Muang Ngoi (northern Laos), those in Southern Laos, Stung Treng (Cambodia), Kratie, and Sihanoukville.

  • Visited places: Yen Bai, Tram Tau
    Tour Activity/Theme: Adventure, Trekking, Mountain climbing, Ethnic village, Mountains

    Hiking the Ta Xua Mountain is a hard and difficult mountain trekking tour for 3 days, 2 nights. While there are 3 peaks at the Ta Xua Mountain, of which the highest peak is 2,865m, we only cover the first peak on this trip (2,400m) known as the Dinosaur’s Spine.

  • Visited places: Pu Luong Nature Reserve
    Tour Activity/Theme: Adventure, Hiking, Budget, National Park, Ecotourism, Family, Ethnic village, Sublime nature, Homestay, Bucolic countryside, Off the beaten track, Mountains

    Pu Luong Tour is a soft adventure to the untouched Pu Luong Nature Reserve (Thanh Hoa Province) for 2 days, 1 night. The tour is suitable to families, couples as well as groups.

  • Visited places: Hanoi, Sapa
    Tour Activity/Theme: Adventure, Trekking, Sublime nature, Homestay

    Sapa Trekking Tour is a hard adventure holiday in Sapa for 6 days 5 nights with trekking distance each day from 18km to over 25km.

  • It had been raining in Lao Cai for over three weeks in a row and my adventure to Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain (Ky Quan San) was delayed from one time to another. And it was coming towards Vietnam's National Holiday that it started to take a change for the better. I called A Tinh, my local Hmong tour guide, and asked him to prepare for the trek. We both hoped that the weather would be more favorable, or else we would go as planned anyway.

  • I woke up again at 05:00 in the morning and went out for a walk in the front lawn. It was a magical dawn with amazing colors on the horizon. The mountains nearby were partially covered in clouds. The whole scenery was indescribable! It looked like it was going to be a sunny and beautiful day.

  • The North-West of Vietnam is home to quite a lot of mountain peaks of more or less than 3,000m above sea level and most of them are untouched and free from mass tourism. And I have summited some of these high peaks.

  • Visited places: Hanoi, Ba Be National Park
    Tour Activity/Theme: Adventure, Trekking, Hiking, National Park, Ecotourism, Ethnic village, Homestay, Bucolic countryside, Off the beaten track

    Trekking Ba Be National Park is one of our Vietnam adventure holidays in the less-visited National Park of Ba Be for 3 days, 2 nights.

  • Visited places: Lao Cai, Ky Quan San (Bach Moc Luong Tu)
    Tour Activity/Theme: Adventure, Trekking, Mountain climbing

    Trekking Bach Moc Luong Tu is a 5-day (4-night) extremely difficult and hard trek to the 4th highest mountain peak in Vietnam which is 3,046m above sea level. The mountain is located in Bat Xat District of Lao Cai Province and in Phong Tho District of Lai Chau Province. There are quite a few other highest mountains in Vietnam in close proximity to Bach Moc Luong Tu that can be viewed on the trek.

  • For long I had been longing for a thorough exploration of the area between Cao Bang City and Lang Son City. It is the peaceful ethnic villages, small valleys amid thousands of mountain peaks which are so appealing to me. My several journeys through the area had been quite brief due to limited time.

  • Visited places: Hanoi, Pu Luong Nature Reserve
    Tour Activity/Theme: Adventure, Trekking, Hiking, Ethnic village, Homestay, Bucolic countryside, Off the beaten track

    Trekking in Pu Luong Nature Reserve is one of our Vietnam adventure tours through the untouched nature of Pu Luong for 4 days, 3 nights.

  • I tried to get some photographs from the summit but the views were not so good: it was too foggy. The winds up here were extremely strong and they made me feel so uncomfortable. I had to try my best to stand firmly on the ground and tried to keep my hands sturdy. My eyes were blurred by the winds and I gave up after a while.

  • The Ta Xua Mountain, 2,865m above sea level, is in Tram Tau District, Yen Bai Province. The Ta Xua Mountain is the 10th highest mountain peak in Vietnam but climbing this mountain is widely considered the most difficult of all mountain-climbing adventures in Vietnam.

  • It took quite a while for the guide to unlock the door and got the blankets for the night. We were to stay at the second hut on the other side of the mountain. And to get there we would have to pass through a tiny path which was as small as a foot.

  • I was not feeling tired, only a bit worried about the path ahead. The trail was much worse than A Sua's calculations. The path had been deserted for a long time and the forest had totally reclaimed most of it. We had to step on quite a few bridges each of which made out of a single tree trunk to cross a ravine or a stream. All of them were mossy and slippery, and some were rotten. A Sua had to slash the bushes all the time to make the path visible.

  • Having been to Mu Cang Chai quite a few times, on this trip I had thought I would have a relaxing holiday in this sleepy village a couple of days before venturing further into Vietnam's north-western mountains. It was autumn and the air was fresh and chilly in the early morning and late afternoon. it would be lovely strolling all day along the mountain trails amid peaceful and beautiful landscape…