Vietnam Weather in December 2019

December is winter in the North of Vietnam, is the rainy season in the Central Coast of Vietnam, the beginning of the dry season in the Central Highlands and South of Vietnam. The temperatures are often cold in the North and in the Central Coast, very pleasant in the Central Highlands and South of Vietnam.

 Below you can find more details about the weather in Vietnam in December 2019.

1/December in 2019 started with a relatively nice day in most of Vietnam: some rains in the North and the Central Coast, sensationally beautiful in the Central Highlands and South of Vietnam.

A new spell of cold Northeasterly Monsoon started having effects in the North and north of the Central Region of Vietnam right at the beginning of the month. Scattered rains were found in these two regions.

2/ Typhoon No. 7 in Vietnam in 2019 formed in the mid of the first week but was pushed southwards due to strong and cold Northeasterly Monsoon. The typhoon did not have effects in the inland of Vietnam. There was sun in most of Vietnam including the Central Coast: a lovely time for adventures in the country.

3/ The first week of December 2019 in Vietnam, the temperatures were low all over the country: the North had frost in the far northern mountains with several regions having temperatures below freezing point; the South enjoyed lovely chilly weather with temperatures 17-20oC.

It was mostly dry all over Vietnam with dry air and bright sunshine except some isolated rains in the Central Coast in the first week of December 2019. This time was definitely among the best time for taking adventure tours in Vietnam: biking in the Mekong Delta or the Central Highlands; mountain biking, trekking or mountain climbing in the North of Vietnam.

4/ The second week continued with drama-free weather patterns in all of Vietnam: absolutely beautiful weather in the Central Highlands and South of Vietnam with mostly sun, some clouds and daily pleasant temperatures; the North had cold temperatures but it was mostly dry and sunshine everyday; the Central Coast had much less rains compared to the norm of the rainy seasons.

In between the second week and the third week there were a few days that the lowlands in northern Vietnam had some moist day which was the result of weak Northeasterly Monsoon and strong Southeasterly Monsoon.

5/ In mid of the third week, a new spell of Northeasterly Monsoon came bringing the cold back again to the North and the North of the Central Region, and rains to the Central Coast. The North experienced a few days of cold and damp air for a few days in the second half of the third week. The Central Coast started much less rain and more sun coming towards the end of the third week. The Central Highlands and South Vietnam enjoyed lovely weather: sunshine and pleasant temperatures.

6/ In the last week of December 2019, there was a new spell of cold Northeasterly Monsoon which caused rains and cold temperatures in the North of Vietnam and North of the Central Region of Vietnam. At the same time, there was Typhoon No. 8 in Vietnam in 2019 (coded Phanfone) heading for the Central Coast. But as usual the cold Northeasterly Monsoon quickly weaken the Typhoon into a tropical depression then a low pressure air trough and made it disappear. At the end of the month, another new spell of cold wind caused drop in temperatures in the North and rains in the Central Coast.

The cold temperatures and sporadic rains made it not an ideal time for trekking tours and mountain climbing tours in the North of Vietnam. The dry weather and pleasant temperatures in the Central Highlands and South of Vietnam made it an ideal time for all kinds of adventures: family tours, Mekong Delta biking tours, beach vacations,...