Vietnam Weather in March 2020

March is spring in the North of Vietnam, is the dry season in the Central Coast of Vietnam, in the Central Highlands and South of Vietnam. The temperatures are building up and may get hot in the Central Coast coming towards the end of March. The temperatures may be warm at mid day in the Central Highlands this month. And it is hot in the South of Vietnam in March.

 In the North of Vietnam, March is often the time that there are different winds affecting the region. In the extreme Northwest of Vietnam (Son La, Dien Bien Phu, Lai Chau) the westerly wind (feuhn wind) may start having effects in the region from the end of March which makes the air dry and hot.

The eastern side of the Northwest, the Northeast and lowlands in the North of Vietnam may still be affected by successive weak spells of Northeasterly Monsoon. At the same time there may be often be the humid Southeasterly Monsoon blowing inland from the sea which makes parts of the North humid, foggy and wet. During the period of conflicting winds, it is often very moist indoors in the Northeast and the lowlands of the North of Vietnam.

The temperatures are often pleasant in the North in March from 20-30oC. There may be drizzles every now and then.

March is among the best time of the year for trekking tours and mountain climbing. There are rhododendron forests on several high mountains and March is the flower season; you will be trekking amid full blooms then!

March is a good time for cycling holidays in the North of Vietnam be it in the mountains or in the lowlands given the pleasant temperatures and absence of torrential. There may be some days that it gets really foggy in Halong Bay and Cat Ba Islands that would make your photos of these amazing places not that great. This month is great for all sightseeing tours in the North of Vietnam, too.

In the Central Coast of Vietnam, March is the best time for beach holidays: bright sunshine, not too hot temperatures. The best beaches in March in the Central Coast include Lang Co Beach (Hue), Hoi An Beach, Da Nang Beaches, Quy Nhon Beach, Tuy Hoa beaches, Nha Trang beaches and islands, Ninh Chu Beach and Mui Ne Beach.

Those who go on sightseeing tours visiting villages, temples, city attractions are having a great time in Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An.

The Central Highlands enjoy pleasant temperatures in most of the dry season. On some days, the temperatures may be briefly warm but it should often be chilly or pleasant in the morning and afternoon. Most visitors will have a great trip in the Central Highlands in March.

The South of Vietnam is hot in March. But the temperatures are very pleasant in Vung Tau, Long Hai and on the islands (Con Dao Islands an Phu Quoc Island). March is the best time for beach vacations on these two islands in the South of Vietnam: bright sunshine, pleasant temperatures, no rain, mild wind. Given the weak wind on these islands, snorkeling and scuba-diving are great options in March.

For sightseeing tours in the South of Vietnam, you may like to do it in the morning or afternoon only. Try to stay indoors at mid day and the sun may be too strong and so are the temperatures. It would not be a good idea to go cycling in the Mekong Delta in March then.

Below you can find more details about the weather in Vietnam in March 2020.

1/ March 2020 begun with pleasant weather in the North of Vietnam, in the Central Coast, in the Central Highlands. All these regions had sunshine and lovely temperatures at the beginning of the month.

The South of Vietnam was hot and in serious drought in February and March 2020.

In the middle of the first week, there was a new spell of cool Northeasterly Monsoon which made torrential rain in many places in northern Vietnam. There were even t-storms, torrential rain and hail in Yen Bai, Lao Cai and Lai Chau. In Lai Chau, the hailstones were so thick that they made up a layer on many roads.

By the end of the first week, the rain had stopped and dry weather returned to the North and the Central Coast of Vietnam. The temperatures were very pleasant in these regions. The Central Highlands and South of Vietnam also had nice weather with full sunshine and nice temperatures. The drought remained serious though.

2/ The second week of March marked hot temperatures of 36-38oC in a part of the Central Coast (from Nghe An to Hue), the Central Highlands and South of Vietnam.

At middle of the second week, a weak spell of Northeasterly Monsoon hit northern Vietnam making the temperatures cold in the mountains and pleasant in the lowlands of Northern Vietnam and the Central Coast of Vietnam. The cold wind caused some rain in the Central Coast.

Another spell of cold wind at the end of the second week brought about cloudy weather with pleasant temperatures in the North, nice temperatures and some isolated rain and in the Central Coast (north of the Hai Va Pass).

The Central Highlands and South of Vietnam still have hot temperatures at the end of the second week. Kon Tum had a torrential rain on a day which helped much to fight the current serious drought.

3/ In the third week of March 2020, the cold wind blowing through the North and a part of the Central Coast of Vietnam got weakened, it turned cloudy and rainy in the North and sunny in most of the Central Coast. The reason was attributed to conflicting winds in the North that the region was under the influence of both the cool and dry Northeasterly Wind and the humid Southeasterly Wind at the same time. The temperatures in the North were mostly 20-22oC.

The Central Coast, except for the North of the Central Coast where the weather patterns similar to the North, had sunny weather with pleasant temperatures mostly. The Central Highlands had sunny weather ad pleasant temperatures mostly, warm at mid day (35oC). The South of Vietnam had sunny and hot weather (35-37oC).

In the middle of the third week, there was a new spell of cold wind hitting the North of Vietnam causing lower temperatures and rain in most of northern Vietnam. The cold wind also caused hail with big hailstones in Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, and Phu Tho. For the second half of the third week, most of the North had clouds or mild sunshine and pleasant temperatures (18-27oC); the Central Coast had pleasant temperatures (20-32oC), bright sunshine; the Central Highlands (16-36oC) and the South of Vietnam (25-36oC) had strong sun and hot temperatures.

4/ In the final week of March, there was hail in Hoa Binh, Son La and Dien Bien which destroyed agricultural crops. The North remained cloudy; the Central Coast was sunny and pleasant; the Central Highlands and South of Vietnam were sunny and hot.

In the middle of the final week there was hail again in Lai Chau and Son La which destroyed several houses and agricultural crops.

At the end of the last week of March 2020 there was a new spell of the Northeasterly Monsoon blowing through northern Vietnam. The monsoon was weak and only enough to make the temperatures just pleasant; showers and t-storms in the affected regions.

The North and the Central Coast of Vietnam enjoyed pleasant temperatures in the last 3 days of the month. The Central Highlands and South of Vietnam were hot mostly in the last few days of March 2020.