Scenic road at Sung Trai, the Rock Plateau of Dong Van
Scenic road at Sung Trai, the Rock Plateau of Dong Van

Ha Giang Travel by Motorbike: Trip of Dreams Part 4

Out of Mau Due, the road goes up and travels along mountainside to Dong Van. It is small but the condition is good. The ride is easy, except that it gets colder than in the morning. My guess earlier was right that the cold wind is coming...

Rock mountains at Sung Trai, Dong VanRock mountains at Sung Trai, Dong Van

 After thirty minutes, I arrive at Sung Trai Commune. A big billboard welcomes the visitors telling them that this is the area of the Rock Plateau (Karst Plateau) of Dong Van listed in the UNESCO Global Geoparks. Then the terrain changes abruptly with sheer limestone mountains. I have to take a few steep ascents, then  the view of the surroundings is beautiful. I could see clearly the road from Mau Due.

Sung Trai, Dong VanRoad from Mau Due to Sung Trai

 It is colder up here due to higher altitude, but also due to that the monsoon wind is blowing harder too. I have to stop to put on more warm clothes and sip more hot coffee from the flask. It is difficult for me to take photos with my smart phone as my hands quickly get numb without the gloves. It is still dry but the mist is getting thicker.

Sung Trai, Dong VanMountains at Sung Trai, Dong Van

  Having been to Dong Van earlier, I couldn't help but being overwhelmed by the sublime beauty of the rock plateau. As I proceed further into the plateau, limestone mountains soar up everywhere around me. The snaking road winds its way precariously on mountainside. Houses of local residents are perched high above in the mountains. The fog over the mountain peaks makes the gloomy landscape more mysterious and somehow menacing...

Sung Trai, Dong VanSublime landscape at Sung Trai, Dong Van

 I take the steep gradients and get to the top of a pass after quite a while. The scenery around just makes me stunned! The road curves softly on the mountainside; the mountain peaks soaring in the fog, some tiny trucks further down below moving slowly.... All looks like a slowly played movie! 

Sung Trai, Dong VanView of the mountains upon the top of a high pass



Lung Phin, Dong VanScenic landscape at Lung Phin, Dong Van Rock Plateau

 When I get to Lung Phin Township, it gets just too cold. And I realize that I'm just starving; the little breakfast was nothing for me to cope with the cold this morning. It gets very foggy that I can feel moist in the air. Hurrying to the township to look for food, but it seem restaurants only serve breakfast. It is not yet mid day and people are staying indoors now. It is likely they are having siesta early here!

Lung Phin, Dong VanLung Phin Township

 I stop at a restaurant with the owner still going about inside. The wife sitting in the house tells me that there is no food left, while the husband says they still serve guests! She is busy with a television program, and he warmly invites me to come in and cleans the table. While he is bringing me a hot soup of vermicelli to the table there are three more guests coming in. Isn't it nice to open a bit later and get some extra business! 

dong-van-lung-phin2Road to Lung Phin from Sung Trai