A rice field at Ba Be National Park
A rice field at Ba Be National Park

Tour Ba Be (Bac Kan) by Motorbike: Escape from Hectic Life Part 3

From Ra Ban, the road is flat. I travel past Bang Lung Town and turn into the same road I was yesterday coming to Ba Be. It's great that the weather is so beautiful and I can take photos of the landscape that I missed in the dark earlier.

The Lu River near the road to Ba BeThe Lu River near the road to Ba Be

 The roads around Ba Be are quiet with the scenery around idyllic. There are many ethnic villages in the trees and in the mountains that could be visited on a day tour from the national park. This is great for country back road biking. I'll definitely come back to Ba Be on my mountain bike for more exploration of the villages.

Road to Ba Be at Nam CuongRoad to Ba Be at Nam Cuong

Entering the national park, there is nobody at the ticket booth, I have to look around and yell a few times. Then a lady comes up smiling and asking for my ID card; she has to register my name in the visitor book. There are rules that the visitors are to follow when visiting the national park. The staff here do not seem to make them as strict as in other tourist attractions in Vietnam, but I do not want to take advantage of that. I could have got away without paying the entrance fee but that is not what we are allowed to do at AdventureGreen. Responsible travel is not only in our manifesto, but also in our blood.

Ba Be Lake, view from Bo Lu VillageBa Be Lake, view from Bo Lu Village

Bidding farewell to the lady, I proceed further to Bo Lu Village, a Tay community living on the southern shore of Ba Be Lake. From Bo Lu, the lake and the mountains look just spectacular. The water shows dazzling emerald color which is just beautiful! There are a few families at Bo Lu that provide homestay to visitors.

Coc Toc VillageCoc Toc Village

Then, I find a very uneven trail going west that some locals tell me it leads to Coc Toc Village, another Tay community. I have some difficulties riding on the trail at first, but get used to it immediately. The trail into the village passes by huge timber trees which make it well hidden from the outside world. Coc Toc is small a village and it takes me no time to explore it all. There are a few ladies chit-chatting in the front yard of a family; but other villagers must be at work, for I can not see anyone else. When there's no trail further for my motorbike, I could see that there is still a foot path leading through series of ponds into the forest. I'll have to explore the forest trail on another adventure then...

Pac Ngoi VillagePac Ngoi Village

 I ride back on the same trail to Bo Lu Village, then onto Pac Ngoi. It is getting dark soon and there is only enough time for me to take a picture of Pac Ngoi Village and of Ba Be Lake at twilight. It's been a wonderful day and it's time to go back to the homestay. The the hostess welcomes me back with a big smile and says that my dinner should be ready anytime that I am ready. I just have a quick shower and have time to sip cold beer checking the photos I took during the day. It doesn't take long when the lady comes back with dinner which includes green beans, sour fish, fried shrimp wrapped in wheat flour...and beer! Yummy food is just great to conclude a fabulous day!

Ba Be Lake at duskBa Be Lake at dusk looks so mysterious and charming!



Dinner at Pac Ngoi VillageDinner at Pac Ngoi Village

It is another beautiful day, today. I had very sound sleep last night and get up at around 07:00 A.M. It is still chilly, but the sky is clear; the sun is going to be bright today. After having double-checked the luggage, I get to the dining table for the usual morning coffee. It is just so relaxing to contemplate over hot coffee in this quiet atmosphere and with spectacular view of the fresh nature around. The hostess brings me hot banana cakes for breakfast which is just in perfect combination with the hot coffee. This is really a wonderful start for the day.

Banana cakes for breakfastBanana cakes for breakfast

I had a great day yesterday for a motorbike trip around Ba Be and I'm leaving today for Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang. I have been to Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang before, but haven't traveled on the road I am taking today. I do not know if the road is good or bad, as sources I consulted with provided contradictory information. But I am sure the scenery is sublime and I am excited to move on again. Bidding farewell to the friendly hosts, I jump on the motorbike and quickly turn into a steep incline with stunning mountains all around. The adventure continues...

Road 279 Ba Be - Tuyen QuangRoad 279 Ba Be - Tuyen Quang



Cao Thuong, Ba Be, Bac KanMountains at Cao Thuong, Ba Be