Houses on stilts at Van Chan, Yen Bai
Houses on stilts at Van Chan, Yen Bai

Yen Bai Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism in Van Chan District
Van Chan District is 72 km west of  the provincial capital of Yen Bai and 200 km from Hanoi. Van Chan possesses fresh natural beauty with wild mountains and vast green tea plantations. The district is inhabited by a number of ethnic groups such as Thai, Hmong, Muong...who maintain their traditional culture for centuries. Though there are no luxury hotels in Van Chan, there are a number of ethnic villages taking part in providing tourism services to the travelers visiting the area.



Hoc Village (Ban Hoc) is located in the center of Van Chan District, home to a Thai community. There are Thai families living in houses on stilts providing homestay accommodation along with traditional ethnic Thai food to the visitors. Visiting Ban Hoc, you can bathe in the nearby geyser, visit the Bat Cave (Hang Doi), Suoi Muong Waterfall. In the evening, you can learn more about the ethnic Thai culture enjoying a traditional performance by the Thai girls and boys.



Pang Cang Village belongs to the Hmong People is in Suoi Giang Commune, 12 km from the capital of Van Chan District. Pang Cang is located on the elevation of 1,300 m above sea level with cool climate all year round. At Pang Cang, there are tea plantations of which the trees are 100-300 years of age, and which provides the reputed green tea of Shan Tuyet in Vietnam.