Imposing mountains at Than Uyen, Lai Chau

Lai Chau Community Based Tourism

Lai Chau Province is located to the North-West of Vietnam, home to rugged mountains and a number of ethnic minorities with traditional lifestyle. The province has great potential for adventure travel and sustainable tourism with participation from local ethnic minorities.

 Currently, Lai Chau is on the route of the North-West Loop adventure tour and most travellers don't spend much time at local tourist attractions. Some tourists would take a day trip to Lai Chau from Sapa Town (Lao Cai Province). As part of the philosophy to bring our travelers to the less-traveled Vietnam, AdventureGreen offers a number of adventure holidays through Lai Chau with homestay accommodation. There are various villages that we have our clients visiting and staying for the nights on the tours such as Na Luong Village and Hon Village in Tam Duong District, Gia Khau Village near Lai Chau Township, Vang Pheo Village in Phong Tho District.