Rice transplanting at Cao Bang

Cao Bang Responsible Tourism

Cao Bang Province is located to the North-East of Vietnam. The province is known for the surreal mountain landscape and the ethic minorities with untouched culture. Community-based tourism in Cao Bang was started only recently and not yet even known among the travel professionals in Vietnam, let alone the foreign travellers to the country. The below destinations may be on your travel itinerary to make your holiday to Vietnam more of a responsible one.

Ban Gioc Waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall

Pac Rang Village is in Phuc Sen Commune, Quang Uyen District, on National Road No. 3 from Cao Bang City to Ta Lung checkpoint. The village is home to the Nung An people whose traditional occupations include blacksmithing and brocade weaving. The villages inhabit in houses on stilts. Visiting Pac Rang villages, you can engage in the daily life of the locals by assisting them with the agricultural work, traditional cooking, blacksmithing,...

Blacksmiths at Pac Rang VillageBlacksmiths at Pac Rang Village



A homestay at Pac Rang VillageA homestay at Pac Rang Village