Tea plantations at Moc Chau Plateau
Tea plantations at Moc Chau Plateau

Moc Chau Guide

Moc Chau Plateau has the average altitude of 1,000m above sea level with temperate climate. Moc Chau possesses great potential for relaxing holidays, vacations to get away from the summer heat in Hanoi and easy trekking tours. There is a chance to climb Mount Pha Luong right on the border between Vietnam and Laos but the access is limited to the Vietnamese citizens for now.

As the Vietnamese economy grows, living standards get higher and life gets more stressful. The Vietnamese make trips more often to destinations with cool climate and fresh natural environment. Tourism is set to boom in Moc Chau given the lovely natural landscape and cool climate, and a short drive from Hanoi. Luxury hotels and eco-friendly resorts are found springing up more and more. Local ethnic groups also provide homestay with culturally engaging experiences.

Adventure Travel & Ecotourism, Things To Do and Tourist Attractions in in Moc Chau

1/Agrotourism (Agritourism, or Agricultural Tours)
In Moc Chau, they grow cows for milk, green tea and organic vegetables to supply to demands in cities. Visiting Moc Chau, you can visit these farms and learn about the process that locals take care of the cows, of the vegetable and flower fields,… You can also discover how different types of local tea are made. Take part in an agricultural tour for a couple of days if it is of your interest.

Tea plantations at Moc ChauTea plantations at Moc Chau

2/Photography Tours
Moc Chau is also a favorite attraction for young people who want to take photographs of the scenic tea plantations and flower fields… Those interested in travel photography may find some cool photographs of huge green tea plantations dotted with white conical hats of charming ladies at work. If you come in October – November, then expect spinach flowers; if you come in late January-February, it is peach blossoms and plum blossoms. At other times of the year, flowers are found on farms only.

3/Hiking Tours/Walking Tours
Moc Chau is not a great destination for trekking yet. Though the Pha Luong Mountain is great for challenging adventures, it is limited to the Vietnamese only. But there are some paths in the valleys around Moc Chau that could offer some moderate hike for a day.

4/Bicycle tours
The winding paths amid tea plantations/hills amid captivating natural settings are wonderful for those who love to travel slowly on two wheels. There are also back roads leading to different villages with some steep gradients which could offer more thrilling experiences for adventure lovers.

Rice fields at Moc ChauRice fields at Moc Chau

How to get to Moc Chau and how to get around the plateau

1/From Hanoi to Hoa Binh then Moc Chau via Route 6
From Hanoi via Route 6, you travel past Mai Chau (Hoa Binh Province) and then the road goes up. You'll feel the cooler and fresher air as the altitude gets higher. You look around and could easily feel the change in the landscape. The high mountain peaks become lower and there are more rolling hills by the roadside.

Hmong lady and her daughter at Moc ChauHmong lady and her daughter at Moc Chau

The scenes are so eye-catching for a while then all of a sudden you enter a huge area of vast green pastures with high mountain peaks far in the horizon: you are in the centre of Moc Chau Plateau. You’ll be charmed and be lost if you come in late January-February when all of a sudden the whole area is full of peach and plum blossoms.

Idyllic mountains at Moc Chau
Idyllic mountains at Moc Chau Plateau

2/From Hanoi to Phu Tho via Route 32, then through Son La Province via Route 37, then to Moc Chau via Route 43
Route 32 from Hanoi through Phu Tho offers mountainous landscape with some tea plantations and stretches of rice fields by the roadsides. Then, you climb the high pass of Deo Khe making your way into Son La via Route 37.

After passing through the lovely valley of Muong Tac at Phu Yen, you’ll travel along the Da River for a while, then travel uphill Route 43 into the Plateau of Moc Chau. Rolling hills and valleys are the scenes on the way. The air gets cooler and fresher… When you are surrounded by endless green tea plantations on conic hills, you are in the heart of the Moc Chau Plateau.

3/From Son La City to Moc Chau via Route 6
From Son La to Moc Chau, you’ll be on a flat road most of the time with idyllic valley and scenic mountains on the way. At Yen Chau, the road goes up suddenly and you’ll climb your way into Moc Chau Town. To get to Moc Chau Farm Town, then you’ll have to travel for about 8km further, it is more peaceful and the atmosphere is lovelier here.


Kids riding buffaloes at Moc ChauKids riding water buffaloes at Moc Chau

 AdventureGreen organizes bicycle tours and motorcycle tours from Hanoi to Moc Chau for 3 days, 2 nights. You could extend the trip for more time for different attractions in Moc Chau. In February, the plum and peach forests are in full bloom, in October the flower fields are in full blossoms and in April-May you have lovely plums and peaches to taste.

We also organize agricultural tours to Moc Chau for you to learn more about growing organic vegetables, the tea making process, … Let's get recharged in Moc Chau for more of a great adventure through Vietnam with our team!


Mountains at Moc Chau
Mountains at Moc Chau