The seashore at Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh
The seashore at Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh Province is in the Red River Delta, 90km south-east of Hanoi, 90km southwest of Hai Phong City and 20km west of Thai Binh City, 30km southwest of Ninh Binh City.

Nam Dinh is famous among the Vietnamese pilgrims who make yearly visits to the sacred temples in the province at the beginning of each lunar year. Nam Dinh is not a destination for most foreign visitors to Vietnam by far.

Though Nam Dinh was one of the industrial centers of Vietnam in the 19th and early 20th century, but currently the province is mostly agriculture-based with farming in the Red River and fishing at sea. The sea transport business and bonsai business have also been thriving in Nam Dinh in the last decade.

Boi House at Nam Dinh
Boi House at Nam Dinh has had a number of years offering different community-based travel products in Nam Dinh Province which include: homestay experience, volunteer holidays, bird-watching tours and eco trips, bicycle tours. Each trip to Nam Dinh may range from 2 days to a couple of months depending on the purpose of your visit. All accommodations are with local families. Luxury hotels are not yet available in Nam Dinh.

The sea at Nam Dinh
The sea at Nam Dinh

Adventure Travel, Things To Do and Tourist Attractions in Nam Dinh

1/ Xuan Thuy National Park
Xuan Thuy National Park was listed to the Ramsar Sites in 1989. The national park is among the best birding sites in Vietnam with 219 bird species including several indigenous and migratory species. AdventureGreen offers specialist birding tours to Xuan Thuy and other birding sites in Vietnam.

2/ Pho Minh Pagoda
The Pho Minh Pagoda was first built during the Ly Dynasty (11-12th centuries) and was expanded in 1262 C.E under the Tran Dynasty. Under the Tran Dynasty the Pho Minh Pagoda was where the Royal Families and Dignitaries families prayed. The pagoda was then next to the Trung Quang Palace, a retreat palace for the Tran Kings during their retirement.

Pho Minh Pagoda, Nam Dinh
Pho Minh Pagoda, Nam Dinh

3/ Tran Temple
Tran Temple is dedicated to the 14 Tran Kings. The Tran Temple was built on the site of the once Trung Quang Palace, next to the Pho Minh Pagoda. The temple is extremely crowded at the beginning of a Lunar New Year when people flock to the temple praying for good luck.

Tran Temple, Nam Dinh
Tran Temple, Nam Dinh

4/ Ruins of the Old Church at Nam Dinh
The ruins of the old church is right on a rock-strewn beach at Van Ly, Hai Hau, Nam Dinh. There used to be several churches in the area but they were all relocated due to sea encroachment. The beach and the sea often teem with fishing activities of the villagers. The site is so photogenic that always attraction several photographers to come and have great photos. The church was deserted from 1996. AdventureGreen offers photography tours to Nam Dinh covering the churches, country life, daily life of fishermen and the old church ruin.


Bonsai gardens at Nam Dinh
Bonsai gardens at Nam Dinh

How to get to Nam Dinh and how to get around
There are several daily buses between Nam Dinh – Thai Binh, Nam Dinh – Hanoi, Nam Dinh – Hai Phong and Nam Dinh - Ninh Binh. Roads connecting these destinations are in excellent conditions.

Alternatively there are daily trains between Hanoi and Saigon some of which stop at Nam Dinh Train Station.

Nam Dinh Average Monthly Rainfalls and Temperatures

Nam Dinh Weather Today,

Date/time of update: April 21, 2021, 4:55 am, Timezone: GMT+7
Broken Clouds

Temperature: 29.77°C
Feels like: 34.48°C
Min Temperature: 29.77°C
Max Temperature: 29.77°C
Atmospheric pressure: 1009hPa
Humidity: 70%
Visibility: 10000m
Wind speed: 6.93m/sec
Wind direction: 163degrees
Cloudiness: 83%
Sunrise: 2021-04-20 10:32:22
Sunset: 2021-04-21 11:15:24