About AdventureGreen

AdventureGreen is a Vietnam based tour operator organizing adventure tours and responsible holidays in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. AdventureGreen started with only a few adventure tours and community-oriented travel to the mountains in the far-north of Vietnam. Gradually, we expanded our operations throughout Vietnam and into Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.

From the outset, AdventureGreen operate our business on responsible travel and sustainable tourism principles. We trust sustainable tourism brings benefits to everyone involved: the travelers, the local communities, the local governments and ourselves. We would like to do our business today as we will do it in the next five years, ten years, twenty years... Basing on sustainable tourism, AdventureGreen could help protecting the environment and the cultural heritage; contributing to the better living of the local communities; providing authentic experiences to our travelers. Basing on sustainable tourism, AdventureGreen could maintain our overhead costs and trip costs, keep control of our service quality better, adapt ourselves better to the changing conditions of the travel industry.

AdventureGreen is always striving ourselves to be more and more of an efficient online travel company. Our office operations are handled by experienced specialists in adventure travel and sustainable tourism assisted by our state-of-the-art technology. There are still some setbacks with respect to the lagging of the involved local laws and local banking systems that makes our operations less efficient as they have been planned to be. Still, there are a great deal of automated tasks in our daily operations already. AdventureGreen store and use most of our documents in electronic form rather than in printed paper.

Our staff include enthusiastic travel specialists and well-trained local tour guides. We do recruits college graduates and providing on-site training opportunities as well as field trips for the new comers. There are a number of tours that our travelers will be accompanied by our new tour guides. For these tours, we always inform our travelers before hand and have approval from them. These new tour guides may be not as experienced as others, but they won't fail providing great experiences. Surely, there are many extra benefits that our travellers get from taking part in these tours.

AdventureGreen do work with carefully selected local tour operators whose operations are based primarily on responsible travel and sustainable tourism. We do all we could to provide working opportunities to local people provided: the service quality is not downgraded and the costs are lower. Our partnered tour operators have helped us a great deal in keeping our operations more and more efficient by far.

We know it clearly that even with good business principles, great passion, resourceful staff, great technology and good business partners, there are chances that we will not win enough votes for from the travelers. We understand in a flat world as it is nowadays, information spreads at lightning speed. We do good things or not so good things, the feedback of our service will spread across the internet and the world immediately. We do learn from our travellers and other travelers feedback and reviews to provide more and more the services defined by you, the travelers. We thank you for visiting our website and if you need further information about the destinations for your trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand or Myanmar; our travel specialists are a few clicks away... Our sincere wish of great travels to you all!