The Do Temple at Dinh Bang, Bac Ninh, Vietnam
The Do Temple at Dinh Bang, Bac Ninh, Vietnam

Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh is in the Red River Delta, 30km northeast of Hanoi in the north of Vietnam. The province was the cultural and political center of the country in the early days of the history. There is still the tomb of King Duong Vuong in Bac Ninh Province, who is believed to have been the forefather of the Vietnamese people.

There is evidence that Buddhism arrived in Bac Ninh first, then spread to other regions of Vietnam. The legacy left of the old days includes traditional handicraft villages, century-old pagodas and temples in the province.

Bac Ninh is the homeland of one of the most visionary kings of Vietnam – King Ly Thai To who moved the capital of Vietnam from Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh) to Thang Long (Hanoi) and it was King Ly Thai To who laid the foundation for a new chapter of the Vietnamese history – the period of long-lived independence.

Red River Dike, Bac Ninh
Red River Dike, Bac Ninh


Green field in Bac Ninh
Green field in Bac Ninh


Tilling vegetable farms at Bac Ninh
Tilling vegetable farms at Bac Ninh


Working on the farm
Working on the farm

Adventure Travel, Things To Do and Tourist Attractions In Bac Ninh

1/ But Thap Pagoda
The current architecture of the pagoda was from the 17th century but the history of the pagoda goes back much further. The architecture reflects much of Buddhist philosophy and Vietnamese architecture concepts.

But Thap Pagoda Bac Ninh Vietnam
But Thap Pagoda, Bac Ninh, Vietnam

2/Dau Pagoda
The pagoda dates back from the 2nd century and the most beautiful part of the architecture was the Hindu-styled tower which was destroyed recently. There is amazing blending of local cults and Buddhism found at the Dau Pagoda.

Dau Pagoda
Dau Pagoda

3/ Phat Tich Pagoda
The pagoda dates back from the 12th century which is confirmed by artefacts found at the site. Phat Tich offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside once you are on top of the mountain at the back of the pagoda.

View from Phat Tich Pagoda, Bac Ninh
View from Phat Tich Pagoda, Bac Ninh

4/Tieu Son Pagoda
This is an old pagoda where the visionary King Ly Thai To lived and practiced Buddhism when he was a child. The King ascended the throne of a unified Vietnam in 1009. It was the King who moved to the capital from Ninh Binh to Hanoi in 1010 CE.

Tieu Son Pagoda
Tieu Son Pagoda

5/Do Temple at Dinh Bang Village
The village of Dinh Bang is the home-village of the Ly Kings and the Do Temple is dedicated to the Eight Ly Kings. The temple has a wonderful architecture with lovely natural settings.

Do Temple, Dinh Bang, in Bac Ninh Province
Do Temple, Dinh Bang, in Bac Ninh Province

6/ Dinh Bang Community House
The community house dates back to the 17th century with intricate wood carvings as interior decorations.

Dinh Bang Community House
Dinh Bang Community House

7/Tam Tao Community House
This is another lovely community house from the 17th century where Quan Ho Folk Songs are performed.

8/Quan Ho Folk Songs
The Quan Ho Folk Songs have been enlisted to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. You’ll find amazing things among these songs and the culture traits behind them sampling the performances at the Tam Tao Community House or Do Temple.

Quan Ho Bac Ninh
Quan Ho Bac Ninh Performance

9/Dong Ho Woodblock Printing and Folk Painting Village
The village is 30km via the Duong riverside road. It is not certain when the villager started making woodblock paitings but lots of old paintings were found back in the 17th century and the occupation must have been started before that. The materials are all natural: red colors from hard clay or red soft stone, yellow from saffron, flowers… The fold paitings from Dong Ho show daily life of the farmers which have close connection to most Vietnamese population.

10/ Phu Lang Pottery Village
The village is by the Cau River, 60km northeast of Hanoi via Route 1A and Route 18, close to Hai Duong and Quang Ninh Provinces. The village tradition started from the 13th century and the products include worshiping items (incense bowls…), home wares (vases, ...), decorations (garden-wares, lampstands...)

Phu Lang Pottery Village
Phu Lang Pottery Village

11/ Xuan Lai Bamboo Furniture Village
The village is nestled by the Duong River in Xuan Lai Commune, Gia Binh District, 35km from Hanoi via Route 5 and provincial route 17. It is not certain when the occupation started in the village but old people agree that it must have been for a few hundred years. The materials are bamboos which are abundant in northern Vietnam and the products range from home furniture to interior decorations (home decorations, luxury boat decorations...)

12/ Dong Ky Wooden Furniture Village
Wonderful woodcarvings and expensive home wooden furniture are found at this village. You may want to ship some home on a trip to Dong Ky Village.

13/ Dai Bai Bronzeware Village
The village is in Dai Bai, Gia Binh District, 40km from Hanoi via Route 5 and provincial route 17. The villagers of Dai Bai started their bronze ware-making from the 6th century. The golden days of Dai Bai were found back in the 15th and 16th centuries. The products of the village nowadays include traditional worshiping items (incense bowls, altar decorations,…), home-wares and kitchen wares (trays, cookers…).

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How to get to Bac Ninh

Nowadays Bac Ninh is one of the most developed industrial centers in Vietnam and the road system is very good.

Bac Ninh is 30km northeast of Hanoi via Route 1 A and 20km southwest of Bac Giang via route 1A

From Hung Yen, you can travel to Bac Ninh via Rout 38.

From Hai Duong, it is possible to travel to Bac Ninh via Route 18 and Route 38.

Bac Ninh Weather Today,

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