A secret lagoon at Trang An, Ninh Binh
A secret lagoon at Trang An, Ninh Binh

Trang An Travel Guide, Ninh Binh

Originally, Trang An was the name of the city at Hoa Lu after the capital of Dai Viet Kingdom (Vietnam then) was moved to Hanoi in 1010 A.D.

In 2000, the amazing landscape of over 2,000 hectares close to the Dinh and Le Temples at Hoa Lu, which had been well hidden before, was started being explored and researched. They found that the scenic area is home to a rich ecosystem, preserves great archaeological information and historical information. The area was quickly turned into a tourist spot and the name Trang An has been used to refer to this site since then.

 The scenic landscape of Trang An
The scenic landscape of Trang An with rivers, valleys, mountains and dense forests...



Rowing boat at Trang An
You can visit Trang An by taking a 3-hour rowing boat trip



A Buddhist pagoda at Trang An
The boat trip is on a river which travels through towering karst mountains, valleys and dense forests. There are ancient pagodas and temples can be visited on the trip.



Rowing toward a cave at Trang An
There are many under water caves at Trang An that you'll have to pass through on the boat trip



Inside a dark cave at Trang An
Some caves are long, dark inside and with low ceiling



Emerald water at Trang An
The water at Trang An is crystal clear sometimes and with emerald color sometimes



View from a cave at Trang An
Sometimes, you can have spectacular view from inside a cave