A breathtaking view of nature from the summit of Tan Vien Mountain, Ba Vi National Park
A breathtaking view of nature from the summit of Tan Vien Mountain, Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park, Ha Tay

Ba Vi National Park stretches in Ba Vi District (formerly Ha Tay Province which has been integrated into Hanoi), Luong Son and Ky Son Districts (Hoa Binh Province). The park is 60km northwest of Hanoi.

The total area of the national park is over 10,800 hectares with the buffer zone of over 35,000 hectares. The current area has been expanded from the earlier core zone of nearly 4,000 hectares which was within Ba Vi District (of former Ha Tay Province) only.

The terrain of Ba Vi National Park includes forested mountains by the Da River. The three highest peaks of the national park are the Vua Peak (1,296), the Tan Vien Peak (1,227), the Ngoc Hoa Peak (1,131m). The national park has 3 types of forest: rain forest, tropical forest, temperate forest. With distinct variations in altitude of different zones in the national park that has an immensely diverse ecosystem.

Ba Vi National Park
Ba Vi National Park in Ha Tay Province (Hanoi now)

Ba Vi National Park has a tropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons in the low altitudes and with temperature climate on altitudes:
- Spring is from February through April with mostly dry weather and with temperatures between 10-30oC;
- Summer from May through August with some torrential rain and with temperatures between 20-40oC.
- Autumn from August through October with temperatures from 28oC to 32oC.
- Winter from November through January with temperatures between 0oC to 20oC.

In spring time, there are rhododendron flowers at the national park and there are wild chrysanthemum flowers in autumn.

Ba Vi National Park
Easy walking path in the national park of Ba Vi

Floral and fauna at Ba Vi National Park
Ba Vi National Park is home to 1,209 floral species, 342 vertebrate species, 65 animal species, 169 bird species, 30 reptile species, 27 amphibian species, 552 insect species.

Typical birds at Ba Vi National Park include:
- Silver Pheasant (Gà lôi trắng, Lophura nycthemera);
- Oriental dollarbird (Yểng quạ, Eurystomus orientalis);
- Black-throated laughingthrush (Khướu bạc má, Garrulax chinensis);
- Red-billed blue magpie (Giẻ cùi);
- Ferns…
- Podophyllum tonkinense Gagnep (bát giác liên)...

Other faunal species
- Owston's palm civet (Cầy vằn bắc, Chrotogale owstoni);
- Binturong (Bearcat, Cầy mực);
- Spotted linsang (Cầy gấm, Prionodon pardicolor);
- Asian golden cat (Báo lửa, Beo lửa, Felis temmincki);
- Serow (Sơn dương, Capricornis sumatraensis);
- Red giant flying squirrel (Sóc bay, Petaurista petaurista)

Floral species:
- Conifer (Bách xanh, Calocedrus marcrolepis), Podocarpus neriifolius (Thông tre lá dài)…
- Madhuca pasquieri (Sến mật);
- Michelia cavalcria(Giổi lá bạc);

Ba Vi National Park
Nature of Ba Vi

What to see and tourist attractions at Ba Vi National Park
- High point 1,100m where food, drinking water, beverage… are available.
- A short hike from High point 1,100m takes you to Den Mau (Mother of the Mountains), Den Thuong Temple dedicated to Saint Tan Vien Son Tinh.
- High point 1,296m (Dinh Vua, King Peak) with Ho Chi Minh Temple which is another hike from High point 1,100m and which offers breathtaking views of the Da River and the surroundings.
- French relic area with a church ruin, old political prison, former French hill station.
- The botanical garden with representative of typical species at Ba Vi National Park. 

Ba Vi National Park
A temple dedicated to a national hero at the top of the national park

Travel and tours
AdventureGreen offers nature tours to the Ba Vi National Park. The tours take one or two days from Hanoi. There are pleasant hiking trails on the tours which are suitable for more travelers in good shape..

There is a guest house at the national park with clean room and basic facilities. Camping at the national park is possible provided good weather conditions.