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Sublime mountains at Dong Van Karst PlateauHa Giang Travel includes travel guides for adventure travel, budget tours, ecotourism in Ha Giang Province. AdventureGreen focuses our travel guide for adventure travel and you'll find real adventures by motorbike or mountain-bike, or by jeep through the amazing land of Ha Giang with unbelievable karst mountains at Dong Van and with jaw-dropping rice terraces at Hoang Su Phi and Xin Man. The adventure travelers at AdventureGreen also stray off the well trodden path into rarely visited areas of Ha Giang with purely wild beauties… Do keep following us, we are having more thrilling adventures through Ha Giang...

  •  Dong Van Karst Plateau is located in Ha Giang Province, northern Vietnam. The plateau has the elevation from 1,400m to 1,600m above sea level and 80% of the surface consisted of rock. There is a high concentration of rocky mountain peaks of over 2,000m in the plateau.

  • When the sunlight starts getting weaker and the mist starts lifting up, the road starts going down. Further ahead, it is under construction again.

  • Ha Giang is 312km north of Hanoi and the trip by car or by motorbike takes one full day. Ha Giang Province is famous for the rock plateau of Dong Van and the sublime pass of Ma Pi Leng which are both 150km from Ha Giang Provincial capital.

  • Ha Giang Province is perched to the exstreme north of Vietnam, 320km from Hanoi. The province is home to 22 ethnic groups (Kinh, Hmong, Dzao, Tay, Nung, Lo Lo, San Diu, Pa Then,..) whose life was relatively separated from the mainstream society until recently. Besides, Ha Giang is home to the stunning Dong Van Karst Plateau listed as a member of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network. With the rich cultural legacy and the unreal natural beauty, Ha Giang has the potential to be one of the tourist hotspots of Vietnam in the time to come.

  • The closer to Dong Van, the road goes down and I can feel the air is dry again. Still, it gets colder and colder in the afternoon. Then it comes to the intersection with Road 4C, the main route from Ha Giang City to Dong Van Rock Plateau. There is a road sign saying Sa Phin Valley is 12km to the left and Dong Van Town is 10km to the right. I take the right and travel on the familiar road to Dong Van Town.

  • Out of Mau Due, the road goes up and travels along mountainside to Dong Van. It is small but the condition is good. The ride is easy, except that it gets colder than in the morning. My guess earlier was right that the cold wind is coming...

  • As I leave the restaurant after lunch, the gentleman shows me how to get to Dong Van via a back-road. I thank him for the information and for the great meal, then dash off into the fog that is getting thicker. It is about mid day now but the fog makes the atmosphere just like late in the afternoon. It is very cold, but luckily the air is very dry.

  • It was the my last morning at Mu Cang Chai. I had got a wonderful adventure amid the mesmerizing rice terraces of this land. Today my motorbike adventure would continue on a road that I had not been to, though I had traveled to all destinations in the far-north of Vietnam several times.

  • The Nam Dam Village (in Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province) is 2km from Tam Son Town, home to Dzao Cham People. Traditionally the villagers got income from agriculture and from growing traditional herbs. Since 2012 community tourism was introduced to the Dong Van Plateau and tourists started to trickle in bringing extra incomes to the locals.

  • I wake up by cock crows in the early morning. The boys are preparing and about to leave for school. I get up and join Tuyen and his father for the morning tea.

  • It is getting late in the afternoon and I have got the whole day riding my motorcycle from Ba Be National Park via Tuyen Quang, and now it is Bac Me District in Ha Giang Province. The road was worse than I had expected with certain section under construction, lots of potholes and some part wiped out by floods...