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A breathtaking view of the landscape at the Ma Phuc Pass, Cao BangCao Bang Travel includes travel guide articles, blogs, pictures, photos, travel writings for adventure travel, budget tours, ecotourism in Cao Bang Province. AdventureGreen team embarks on real adventures through Cao Bang often and will update you on all the practical information you may need for your own adventure journeys here. All photos are real ones taken by our adventure travel team. We have visited popular attractions in Cao Bang and we have ventured further into lesser known or unknown territory of Cao Bang, even dangerous areas. We love the thrilling inspiration of discovery and we would like to share our passions with you, the adventure travelers!

  • Ban Gioc Waterfall is 100 km north-east of Cao Bang Town. The road from Cao Ban to Ban Gioc offers scenic landscapes with opportunities to visit villages of the Tay and the Nung ethnic minorities. While it is fairly easy to travel most of the way, there are the passes of Ma Phuc and Khau Liem that may need extra care on a wet day.

  • Cao Bang is a mountainous province in the North East of Vietnam. Cao Bang offers fresh rice valleys alternated with towering mountains and waterfalls. The province is ideal for the adventure travellers who dream of hiking tours, trekking tours, motorbike tours, mountain bike tours and eco tourism. Cao Bang is off the tourist track at the moment.

  • Can Yen and Can Nong Communes of Thong Nong District are close to the Chinese border. The area possesses beautiful mountains and valleys. Trade at the border is not busy and the roads are just quiet. There are new governmental buildings, clinics and schools in every community. Life here is improving definitely.

  • Cao Bang Province is located to the North-East of Vietnam. The province is known for the surreal mountain landscape and the ethic minorities with untouched culture. Community-based tourism in Cao Bang was started only recently and not yet even known among the travel professionals in Vietnam, let alone the foreign travellers to the country. The below destinations may be on your travel itinerary to make your holiday to Vietnam more of a responsible one.

  • Nguom Ngao Cave is located in Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province, in the North East of Vietnam. The cave is 3km from Ban Gioc Waterfall and 90km from Cao Bang Town. The total length of Nguom Ngao Cave is over 2km, most of which is underground or underwater. The chamber open to tourists is about 300-500m with walkways.

  • Pac Bo is in Ha Quang District, Cao Bang Province. Pac Bo was where Ho Chi Minh returned to Vietnam on 28-Jan-1941, after 30 years traveling overseas seeking to liberate Vietnam from France.

  •  On this motorbike adventure, I enter Cao Bang via Meo Vac, Ha Giang. For most of the morning, I followed the Nhiem River downhill through peaceful countryside and sublime mountains toward Cao Bang. At Niem Tong (Meo Vac, Ha Giang) and Ly Bon (Bao Lam, Cao Bang) the Nhiem River joins the Nho Que River to rinse the water into the Gam River.

  • For long I had been longing for a thorough exploration of the area between Cao Bang City and Lang Son City. It is the peaceful ethnic villages, small valleys amid thousands of mountain peaks which are so appealing to me. My several journeys through the area had been quite brief due to limited time.