A boatman on the lake of Inle in early morning
A boatman on the lake of Inle in early morning

Inle Lake

The Inle Lake is located in the mountains of Shan State Myanmar (Burma) with cool climate all year round. The serene lake and its tranquil environment are ideal for relaxing holidays. Besides, the area around the Inle Lake is inhabited by the Intha, Shan, Pa-O, Danu, Taung-yo and Kayah ethnic peoples. A trip to the Inle Lake could provides lots of unique cultural experiences. If you love more active vacations at Inle, then there are many ethnic villages, stupas, pagodas and monasteries in the hills that you can trek and hike to. So, Inle is a place that seems suitable for most travel interests.

Inle Lake Myanmar
Inle Lake Myanmar


The main inhabitants on the water of Inle Lake are The Intha. They live in houses on stilts on the lake, their livelihood is fishing in the lake and growing green vegetables in floating gardens on the lake. The Intha is well-known to the visitors for skillfully rowing their fishing boat around the lake using only one leg while standing on the other. Visiting the Inle Lake, you won't miss the opportunities to capture the unique posture of the Intha fishermen at work with your camera.

There are also plenty opportunities to learn about and to shop the local handicrafts at Inle Lake including traditional weaving, pottery, jewelery. The Intha ladies even weave fabrics from filaments of lotus plants. The ladies do weave silk and cotton brocades for their daily life and for sales, too.

There are quite a few tourist attractions around the Inle Lake that you may want to visit during your trip here, which includes:

Indein Pagoda which dates back to the 13th century which can be visited after a boat trip through narrow canals with live local activities;

Shwe U Min Pagoda and its underground caves with amazing rock formations;

Kekku Pagoda which dates back from the 16th century with its amazing 2000 stupas in a small valley;

The hill station of Kalaw, perfect for leisurely walking trips, for romantic escapes and for bicycle tours.

There are hotels and resorts by the lake side and on the water of the Inle. Some are just pure luxury properties built traditionally and decorated with high quality teak wood; while the others are elegantly decorated and ecologically friendly.