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The Hoai River at Hoi An, Quang NamQuang Nam Travel includes travel articles, blogs, pictures, photos, travel writings for adventure travel, budget tours, ecotourism in Quang Nam Province. The dedicated travellers at AdventureGreen have made several trips through Quang Nam Province be it a leisurely bicycle ride through the green countryside of Hoi An, or through the peaceful My Son Cham Ruins, or a mountain-biking trip or a motorbike adventure through the western mountains of the province… We have gained a good knowledge of travel and adventure tours in Quang Nam and we would like to their that with our travelers! Do not hesitate to join our team on our next expeditions through Quang Nam and Vietnam.

  • By Hong Thanh.

    14March2013 The first community-based tourism village was inaugurated at Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province. There are  40 households taking part in providing tourist services such as homestay, food,...The village is close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of My Son Cham Ruins.

  • Hoi An in Quang Nam Province, in the Central Coast of Vietnam, was a busy international trading port in the 16-18th century. The river silted up in the 19th century which made it too shallow for a port, hence the port relocation to Da Nang (Tourane). Nowadays, visiting Hoi An you can still adore the charming ancient architecture and the quaint ambiance dating back to its heydays.

  • My Son Cham Ruins was once the Holyland of the Champa Kingdom, which was thriving in most of the Central Coast of Vietnam from the 2nd to the 13th century A.D.

  • Quang Nam Province is in the Central Region of Vietnam. The capital of Quang Nam Province is Tam Ky Town, 70km south of Da Nang City. Most travellers to Vietnam know of the province with Hoi An Old Town and My Son Cham Ruins, and not Quang Nam itself. In fact, the province has a number of other tourist attractions that offer great adventure experiences to the travellers who loves straying from the well-beaten track.