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The French Commander Bunker at Dien Bien PhuDien Bien Travel includes Dien Bien Phu travel guide articles, blogs, pictures, photos, travel writings for adventure travel, budget tours, ecotourism in Dien Bien Province. Let's follow AdventureGreen Team to go deep into this amazing land with lots of history which had big impact in the world. On our adventures through Dien Bien, we'll browse through the mountains, the valleys, the battlefields, the villages...by jeep, by motorbike, by mountain-bike and on foot. Let's be charmed, be thrilled and be inspired...

  • Dien Bien Province is home to 21 ethnic groups with the Black Thai People accounting for most population in the province. Dien Bien possesses high mountains with potential for great trekking tours, hiking tours and mountain climbing trips. Besides, Dien Bien was the site of the world-wide famous battles that led to the termination of the French rule over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

  • Dien Bien is a mountainous province in the North-West of Vietnam, 470km from Hanoi. Dien Bien Province shares the border with Laos to the West, with China to the North-West, with Lai Chau Province and Son La Province to the East. Dien Bien is famed for the historic Battle of Dien Bien Phu and for wild mountains inhabited by Black Thai communities. Dien Bien Phu nowadays is the name of the capital city of Dien Bien Province.

  • Leaving Hill A1, I proceed to Hills C1 (Eliane 1) and C2 (Eliane 4). The two hills are on the 2 sides of a road running from the east to the west. There are not many vestiges left of the horrendous battles in the past here. Trees and grass cover most of the hills making it not possible to stray from a paved path to the top of each hill.

  • It is late in the morning now and here I am nearly on the top of the Pha Din Pass between Son La and Dien Bien. It is quiet all around. I'm by myself taking the old route on the pass. The new road is in great condition, but it is lower on the mountainside, the old route is deserted but it goes higher. Taking the old route, I hope to have a nicer view of the surrounding nature.

  • All of a sudden the road leads me out of the forest into an open area without big trees around. From here I could have a great view of Dien Bien Phu City. I can't see rice fields in the Muong Thanh Valley though, as it is too hazy. In the front, the road meanders along the mountainside into the city. By my side, there are scenic rice terraces dropping down to ethnic villages.